I’m a STAR (on Canadian TV within 3h of entering the territory)

Just got in Canada, after a long wait in Paris airport (1h late). It is ironic considering that an local flight closed the gates right on time 1/2h before the flight 10 days ago (going to Biarritz) causing us to miss the flight due to traffic (we arrived 5mins after last check in remember?). This time the airport was a complete mess, and people checked in until 13h45. The flight being expected to leave at 13h45… boarding planned at 12h15 and last check in supposedly at 12h45… SIGH.

First surprise while watching the news (on lcn): I WAS ON TV!!! In fact, I noticed the cameras at the arrival section of the Airport, but didn’t think they would film me. They were filming Canadians coming back from Jamaica because of the storm. They either thought I was Jamaican, or just chose the most handsome guy at the airport 😉

Caraïbes - Dean frappe la Jamaïque

PS: My cousin who is 16 years old is already 1m95 tall (6’5). That was a nice surprise (he was almost as tall as me 2 years ago, now he is 10cm taller and running!). He is making fun of me as I write, playing his NFL Madden 2008, back from his football camp where he was named team captain.

~ by princeali on August 20, 2007.

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