In da T-DOT

I have arrive in Toronto, and after 5 days of mess, I have finally settle for a tiny bachelor apartment 10min walking from campus. It should be enough for the first school year, but I will look in advance for a better bigger place for May (this is if I do an internship in Toronto..).
I really messed up on good deals (because of being last minutes). My new neighbor in the same floor as i am saw my posting for sharing an apartment, but the phone line at the hotel was cut for some random reason… Bad luck I guess. Anyways, only 8 months to work with the tiny place…

For one of the apartments I visited, they asked for references, and family was of course not good enough. So I have put the last person who made me work in Montreal in 2005. We got back in touch, and he pleasantly surprised me saying that he saw me on TV last week! I REALLY AM A STAR.

Toronto seems to be a very nice city. I got a chance to walk around, some places make me think of a little NYC with a touch of SF. One funny thing I noticed these last 2 days, is army jet-planes flying very low. So low that Friday, all the walls were shaking! And I was downtown!

Army Jet Plane

2 Last days of rest before getting a head start in the Rotman MBA…


~ by princeali on September 2, 2007.

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