Anger Management part 2

It’s been 2 weeks already since my last post!  No need to mention that school has kept me busy…

I am spending the long thanksgiving week-end in Montreal closer to my family, and will head back tomorrow (already) and go back to quizes, papers and presentations preparations!

Some explanation about the title of the post: in an Organization Behaviour course, we were studying stress management. The teacher made us answer a short questionnaire to see if we were of type A personality.  With four categories, a score of 12 or higher meant that you had some characteristics of this personality. My maximum score was 11 in the “anger” sub-category. During the “show of hand” survey, I wasn’t even concerned since she asked to show hand if we had scores of 12 or higher…. Then the teacher asks a misleading question: “who had his maximum score in the Anger category”, while I raise my hand, I hear people whispering and say “OH ALI!”. I WAS THE ONLY ONE WITH MY HAND UP. Then again, everything is relative…


~ by princeali on October 7, 2007.

One Response to “Anger Management part 2”

  1. I wish if i read it hours before ,months of stress made fall apart in sec and am afraid i hurt the one who i care the most ….

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