NFL Showtime!

This post is dedicated to 2 M. First of all, my cousin Mehdi is making me real proud by leading the votes for MVP of the Quebec Football league Juvenile AAA (which is the highest level Under 17 in Quebec, and he just turned 16!). Check out the votes on this site: He has been voted MVP of 7 out of his 8 regular season games (the only one where he didn’t get the title was the only game I saw, but where he still put up a great performance). I had promised him a huge present if he maintained this level, and can’t wait to see him at the next level!

Mehdi #55

Then, my best friend Marwan is recovering from an operation, so I wish him well. Still waiting for the “blog”


~ by princeali on November 3, 2007.

One Response to “NFL Showtime!”

  1. Kepassa Marwan ?
    C’est donc pour ça que l’on ne t’a pas vu au pot de damien…
    L’opération s’est bien passée ?

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