Hunger and justice for all.

Last week, I attended a quite interesting presentation on Darfur. Was quite pleasantly surprised to meet one of my fellow MBAs who actually was involved in the organization (in the frame of Students taking action). The follow up was a movie night “A journey to Darfur“. Only 30 minutes long, with some cliché music effects and montage, but pretty much efficient and moving. It reminded me of how much it is important to make things happen to change lives and change the world. As one of the speakers said “we shall not underestimate our power”. 


Earlier today, as I grabbed something to eat before going to school, the lady at the food-stand made quite an unusual move that makes you realise that people are not so selfish after-all. She jumped from behind her stand and grabbed a poor man passing by (with old dirty clothes, long beard and long hairs), asking him if he was hungry and if he would like to eat. The man accepted with emotion, and she went on to cooking something for him.

Once again, inspiring!


~ by princeali on November 15, 2007.

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