Back dans les baques

After a very very pleasant break, I’m back to school! First of all, as I first stepped in Toronto’s Airport I was surprised to see young guys with golden medals around their necks. After seeing 3 of them posing for a picture, I noticed their Team Canada gear, and realised that it was the Canadian Junior Hockey Team coming back with a gold medal! It was funny seeing them in the newspaper and on TV; even seeing one of them on the bench of a professional game (aged 19). Some of them were dressed like businessmen (especially one Quebecois), some were really laid back. Some really short and some really tall, surprisingly 2 coloured mes (can black men skate?)

Team Canada Junior Hockey
Then when stepping out of the airport, I was almost chocked by the temperature difference. I left Paris at about 5°C (feeling much colder) to arrive in Toronto at a 12°C (feeling much warmer) with snow all melted down. Since this was confirmed Monday and Tuesday and that I looked foolish with my big coat, I decided to go out without a coat on Wednesday, but only a big sweater. Once I stepped in the street, I noticed the wind and thought about coming back up to grab my coat (just in case) but thought that it would probably warm up (I hadn’t gone out in the morning the previous days because my classes are in the afternoon right now). WRONG! Temperature had gone back to normal, and everybody kept asking me “where is your jacket?” and “haven’t you seen the news? there was almost 100km winds that blew  away small wooden houses. It was so windy yesterday that I couldn’t sleep with all that noise and banging…
Wind caused damages
Go figure, I didn’t hear anything and simply froze my ass off yesterday. On the upside, my new team has won the team building activity at the ROM. I got to shortly see the museum (hadn’t been there yet), and won a book dedicated by the dean! GO READING!

~ by princeali on January 10, 2008.

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