Interview this!

A few words to say that we had a recruitment week at school. Meaning that a whole bunch of companies (expecially in Finance and Consulting), come to give presentations, and put up job postings. As it is an integral part of the MBA, I have done my share of applications, and was pleasantly surprised to be contacted for 2 interviews this week. One is over, and I must say I was not impressinve, and the next one is tomorrow (let’s hope I won’t be stressed as I usually am during these situations).

First, I must finish a 2500 words negotiation paper (taking a break right now), which I must say will wrap up a great learning experience, then make sure to prepare  properly…

Funny thing, I am applying for internship at French banks and was surprised to see that the major bank I hadn’t applied for, was victim of the biggest financial fraud by one of its trader. This raises major ethical issues, and I must say that I hope that it is a very isolated issue and that similar practise never happen again!

On a brighter note, while listening toan online radio to keep me up when typing this 2500 wors report, I descovered a talented Ethiopian-born artist named Kenna.With Chad Hugo (the other half of The Neptunes, with Pharrell) doing the beat, and something that reminds me of Bloc Party, I immediatly got hooked. I’ll be listening to his album sometime soon, let’s hope that all his tracks are to the level of “Say Goodbye to Live“. It’s a shame that I discover him that late, considering he has been around since 2003…


~ by princeali on January 25, 2008.

2 Responses to “Interview this!”

  1. If you have repeated “I must say” in your paper as frequently as you have done in your blog post, I am sure that you wrote your 2500 words easily.

  2. How can believe a single guy is responsible for such a fraud. I would rather suggest the top management decided which one in the company would be the victim !

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