Q3 Down!

I haven’t written in over a month! No excuse for that, I have even thought about closing the blog altogether.

To keep up with the goal of this blog, I will still post some news. I just finished my last exam (thanks to the quarter system, we have very frequent final exams), and overall I must say it hasn’t been that bad.

What else; it has snowed a lot this week, and I heard there might be a 48h snowstorm this week-end, I’m curious to see how it goes and how the city deals with it. Once again, Toronto is no good at cleaning post-snow mess…


~ by princeali on March 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “Q3 Down!”

  1. hi
    how r u ? happy maolad ((ميلود مبروك))
    why did u think to close it ? it’s nice idea the blogging
    why u didn’t change u’r blackground colour i think it’s good idea to change to refrach your mood i like light blue
    ok see soon :):):)

  2. Thx for the support.
    Do you have a blog?

  3. ya i have one but not like yours (( your blog is best)) i’m just trying to do the best (( trying ….ok))
    my blog’s name is nasimlibya.maktoob.com
    i hope be friends 🙂 sour if u ok
    see u soon

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