Weather makes me wonder…

I had to follow up on this one. After the crazy: it gets much warmer right after the morning rain, and this for the rest of the day; meet the 17°C differential (ie drop!) the next day! Because it had been so warm on Monday, I figured out I should probably not weak my rain jacket to avoid sweating, and go out in short sleeves. Thanks god I thought twice and thought it might rain again after all. It didn’t end up raining, but chilling big time! With maximums of 14°C (and that was later in the day), I really wished I had taken my hat and even a sweater!

“But Ali, look at the weather channel”, you might say. Well, f#$@% dat! They are almost always wrong when it comes to rain. And I do watch previsions on my computer almost everyday, and can say it doesn’t help much!

~ by princeali on May 28, 2008.

One Response to “Weather makes me wonder…”

  1. Il n’y a plus de saisons…

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