Crosstown Traffic! HEY!

There is some construction at the corner of my street, so there is some major changes and temporary crossing arrangements and lights. As I checked on both sides and saw no cars, I was about to cross but stopped as soon as I saw kids (I avoid J-walking around children to avoid giving bad example and encourage dangerous bad behaviors). I waited for the light to go green and I crossed, and as I passed a truck that was stopped to my right (facing its back), I noticed that the people in front of me weren’t crossing despite our light being green, so as I walked I started to slow down and looked to my right and a black Mercedes just came running (without even slowing down). I wasn’t even scared, and noticed that the car’s traffic light wasn’t working, and looked for a while at the car that kept its speed (at least 50km/h), realizing I almost got run over and it could have been bad.

The moral, even if your light is green, stay focused and look to your left and right before crossing, and take your time, don’t rush…


~ by princeali on June 16, 2008.

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