Yet another recognition at the next level.

I brought my cousin to the under-17 football camp that gathers the best players from all provinces in Canada. It wasn’t surprising that he got a spot as a starter (both as Linebacker and Defensive End), and a few days into the camp got named captain of the defense. The last recognition came from journalists who visited the camp and mentioned Mehdi as the first player that got their attention as a dominant defensive player. Step by step he is making his mark in Canadian football. The next step should be a selection as best defensive player and on the All Canadian All Star team. Once again, first and foremost I hope he stays healthy, and I don’t worry about the rest; with hard work sky is the limit. If all goes well he would get the attention of NCAA teams and hopefully gets a full scholarship in a good program (hello USC, Ohio State, Oregon with it’s ridiculous locker room…).

Did I mention he graduated from high school with top grade in Chemistry (with a score of 93%), and an average above 80%? He’s promised to a great future if he stays focused and keeps on working hard.Mehdi working his way through a block on the right (number 68)


~ by princeali on July 4, 2008.

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