Abre los ojos

I am the kind to sleep in the car during long car trips (if I’m not driving of course); but my advice would be to keep your eyes open, you never know what entertaining scene might cross your path. After the biker boys (by the way, I’ve seen an even bigger group of maybe 10 bikes, but not escorting a limo this time), a few other funny sights were on my way.

First, dancing teens. When I say dancing, it is more IN TRANCE! A small car full of blond teens jumping and shaking as if they were in a rave! Second, the old Indian guy driving with his eyes closed! This man barely had his eyes open, which gave the impression that he was sleeping behind the wheel.

And finally, the best of the best! The young man walking along the highway dragging his big suitcase behind him! It was in the middle of nowhere! The guy looked really pissed, and didn’t even try to get a ride, he just kept looking in front of him. My theory is that he got into a fight with his girlfriend or buddy who was driving, and got kicked out! The guy is probably still walking! KEEP WALKING JOHNNY WALKER!


~ by princeali on July 8, 2008.

One Response to “Abre los ojos”

  1. Or maybe you should start running Forest ! Run !

    Ali, I have so many pictures of you sleeping in the back seat while I am driving… Fun memories, even when you pissed me off during the NY – Montreal trip.

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