Final MVP part II

You guys must be sick of it, but in my family we just can’t get enough. My cousin Mehdi just came back victorious from Canada Cup football tournament in Sherbrooke. To top it all, he had a great game, 1 sack forcing a fumble, 1 interception, and 1 touchdown reception and 4.5 tackles.

It was only logical that he was elected defensive MVP of the finals. It was an exciting tournament, after winning their firt 2 games by only 1 point (when trailing during the final minutes of each game), they ended solidly with a 24-0 Victory. The only deception for us (and for team Quebec, and Mehdi’s college teammates) was that he wasn’t selected to the all star team (which doesn’t make sense for the defensive leader of his team and probably of the tournament). At least those from team Quebec who were selected did deserve it too. What matters is that after all he had a great time (he wasn’t convinced he would at the beginning), you canot win absolutely everything all the time; he already has so many trophies from teams and individual recognitions that we are more than happy.

Now he is off for some rest for the next month before coming back for Football camp in preparation for another amazing season at the CEGEPlevel this time.


~ by princeali on July 12, 2008.

One Response to “Final MVP part II”

  1. We are never sick of hearing good news from family. Keep it up Mehdi, and try to improve your 100m run time.

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