Fuel efficiency

I should have written this a couple of weeks ago, when I actually came back from the road trip… Well, I just wanted to say heads up to the Toyota Yaris. My friend rented one two weeks ago and we drove to Montreal with it. Nothing too fancy except that we made the whole trip from Montreal back to Toronto back in one shot (no pit stop for gas or washrooms!) which is over 500km.

Vey pleasant surprise, thx Jane for being a warrior and driver for over 4h non-stop 😉


~ by princeali on July 12, 2008.

4 Responses to “Fuel efficiency”

  1. Well, it only depends on the volume of the fuel tank.

  2. Not ONLY the volume of the fuel tank, but also the traffic conditions, the driver’s style (nervous with a lot of acceleration burns up much more fuel…), an we could add of course horsepower among others…
    For the fuel tank capacity, it was not much above 40L.
    Other cars I’ve done the ride with had bigger tanks (50L and above), and we had to stop on the way. Jane was a good driver too 😉

  3. Good mileage.

  4. I drove a Yaris over a week in coratia, quite nice regarding oil consumption, but that’s it… And it seemed kinda buged, I could make it start twice during the journey.

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