Casio EX S600 Battery problems

I bought my digital camera in March 2007, and have been very happy about it. Only 9 months after purchase the battery didn’t want to charge! It really annoyed me, but Casio was very understanding and sent me another battery with no question asked. Last week end, I tried to charge my camera (this is roughly 6 months within the life of the new battery they had sent), and the same problem occurred! I got especially frustrated considering I was attending a wedding; so I decided to call Casio again, and once again they put an order and I should get my battery shortly by mail. Only this time I got curious, was I really unlucky or was it something to do with quality issues; I decided to search the web. As I somehow expected, there were numerous similar complaints on various blogs, and on a forum I found some advice that turned out to be amazingly useful!

Put the camera on the deck for 5 seconds (letting the red light go from continuous to blinking), and as soon as the light on the deck starts blinking red (meaning battery is dead), take off the camera and put it right back. Repeat until you get a solid red light (meaning it is charging), and you’ll be set for a battery resurrection!

I only wish my common sense flash came up earlier (when I actually needed the camera)! For some reason I’ve noticed not being as aware as I used to be… Could this be early signs of aging???

~ by princeali on July 29, 2008.

9 Responses to “Casio EX S600 Battery problems”

  1. Cool site mate, keep up the good work.. 🙂

    Thank for your shared.

  2. thanks. it worked. Bob

  3. WOW
    will get back to u too see if it works!!!!

  4. it actually works….thanks a lot princeali! saved me a trip and a lot of money going to radioshack!!!

  5. Thank-you so much. This worked. I had to take it off and put it back on again about 20 times before it finally started charging. Cheers a lot. Was about to give up and buy a new camera. You saved me ÂŁ140

  6. OK, my battery kept dieing too. I went on vacation and left my dock at home and decided it was to imp. so I went to Best Buy and bought a brand new battery and put it in within one day the battery was dead. What’s up about that. Something has to be pulling on these to make them go dead so fast. Miss Alabama

    • I wish you read the whole post before that unnecessary purchase (my brother actually did the same). Which reminds me that I must thank Casio Canada who have been honest enough to replace the defective battery for free, when in fact a simple charging trick brings these batteries back to life. Those at Casio France are real thieves or simply ignorant as they forced my brother to buy another battery from them!!!

  7. Yayyyy it worked…you saved my job or at least my face. I use my camera for work events, my boss just told me to show up to a function with my camera and whew I was stressed when i realized the camera was dead… OMG thank you!

  8. IT WORKSSSSS! Thank you very much. That was the second time. The first time Casio replace it for free.

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