Traffic curiosity

I’ve mentioned it before, you should keep your eyes opened on the highway (talking about passengers of course, since its a prerequisite for the driver). Once again, on the ride back from Montreal I’ve witnessed a couple of entertaining sights.

First, a young man sitting shirtless on the edge of a bridge, calmly watching cars or simply enjoying the sight… Just hope he wasn’t thinking of jumping…

Later on, a man was walking on the highway opposite to traffic; a few meters later we saw his car with flasher lights probably because he ran out of gas or had a technical problem.

Then at about 250km from Toronto, a huge traffic jam starts building up. As we get closer to the jamming point, the driver noticed an emergency car on the other side of the road predicting an accident that people stop to watch, thus creating an unnecessary traffic jam on our side of the road. He was right, 2 or 3 cars and a motorcycle where involved in a traffic accident, and people slowed down so much to see what was going on that it created a traffic jam of almost 30minutes of super slow motion. On the other side of the road were the real unlucky ones as the jam went through several km and barely moving… My advice would be not to change your speed unless necessary for security reasons.


~ by princeali on August 19, 2008.

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