Happy Eid

Hope all had a happy eid (I’m a week late to write this post). I have been lucky to spend the celebrations close to my family, and now it’s back to reality: catching up on studies, applying for jobs and interviewing.

But before writing about current subjects, I’d like to go back a week in time. As I was walking at Trocadero on the night of Eid, some guy who was hanging out and talking loudly came up to me. As I saw that the stairs were full of broken alcohol bottles, I got suspicious; in fact as this guy came up to my level I realised that my instinct was right. The guy had eyes injected with blood, and couldn’t even articulate, not to mention his breathe. He wanted 2euros (he had to repeat twice as his words were not intelligible), and I answered that I didn’t have my wallet; then his attitude changed and he became aggressive (I expected it). The funny thing is that he raised his tone to say something I didn’t understand, something in the register of “alors pourquoi teureu!” (translate: “so why you turu!”). Of course I didn’t understand and was polite enough not to walk away and tell him I didn’t understand. His alcohol (and other substances) level, added to his anger made him stumble even more! The man couldn’t even speak! I’m talking about a young man (no more than 28 years old)! In the end he gave up, and managed to say something intelligible: “VAS Y C’EST BON, VAS Y C’EST BON!” (“go on, it’s OK…”). What a waste!


~ by princeali on October 7, 2008.

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