Korean restaurant

Yesterday I went to a Korean restaurant with some friends and witnessed some kind of stupid decision that caused to waste food for the stupidest reason!

We were 3 at the table, nut as only 1 of us was really hungry, we decided to order a meal for 2 (not for 3). Unfortunately, the waiter made a mistake and brought a meal for 3 (the plate was huge, so I asked if this was really for 2 people…). It was his first day, and he was really nice and felt very bad about the situation. As he worried, we asked him if he would have to pay the difference from his pay, and if it was the case not to worry; he wasn’t very sure, so we continued as if everything was fine. Only a minute later, the head waiter came up to us and asked politely: “what is the problem here?”, to which we answered there was no problem and explained the situation; he apologised and instead of offering us to pay the price of a plate for two (which seems reasonable), he offered to take back the plate and bring a meal for 2. Concerned we asked if he would throw the food, to which he answered that they would! Trying to make sense out of it, my friend explained why it didn’t make sense to throw away food for no reason, but on the other side it wasn’t our fault and we shouldn’t pay extra, but the man was inflexible…

In the end, we took the meal for 2 and asked him to make sure someone takes the food home…


~ by princeali on October 8, 2008.

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