University of Toronto graduate residences

Just wanted to shout out about University of Toronto Graduate Residences. Since I arrived in Toronto, I have been looking for proper accomodation at reasonable rates, and have had little help in the subject. After a year off campus (over paying for the quality and location), I have moved to Grad House. A lot of graduate students are there and seemed to be happy about it. I must say that it might have put my expectations a little high and I was disapointed. No matter what, I must say that have had extremely bad experience with the administration! The architect just seemed to have forgotten that students were supposed to live in it. Some rooms literally look like prison cells with no access to natural light!

Recently, I have discovered Massey College, and wonder why I never hear about it before. Every room has huge windows (thus lots of light), and you only share bathroom with 1 or 2 other students (compared with 2-3 at grad house). It is very selective, and a little more expensive, but considering that 3 meals are included, it is definitely worth the effort and the money.

My advice to any prospective or continuing UofT grad student looking for campus housing: forget about Grad House and spend some time to apply to Massey College!


~ by princeali on October 17, 2008.

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  1. Thanks PrinceAli, we appreciate your recommendations,

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