Those stupid rules!

This morning I went to the gym at 7am (as I do at least 3 times a week), and today I was actually the very first person in the gym (only a staff was there). I stretched and as soon as I took out my jumping rope to warm up, the staff member came towards me saying that jumping ropes weren’t allowed in the gym. My initial reaction was to think that this was simply another stupid rule; the guy continued explaining politely that it was a dumb rule and had nothing to do with the activity itself but rather other people wandering around very close (he referred to them as “dumb”), and apparently there had been an accident which started that rule. He was very nice and given the fact that we were only 2 in the gym he told me it was fine to continue (as an exception)…

So I continued thinking that this was just another dumb rule with some random justification. The gym is quite large (probably over 100m2) with not that much machines, and not dense enough to have anybody bumping into another… I was actually at the back of the gym where you can find wide stretching spaces and even more space around wooden platform (for powerlifting); so I thought it was safe to assume I would be left alone.

Within less that 5 minutes (literally the third man in the gym), came to the back of the gym to take some stretching balls. And you guessed right, came walking right in front of me! It is not easy to visualise and I wish I could illustrate some more, but imagine wide spaces where you can basically take at least 2 different paths, and the man actually decided to come right in front of me! First I jumped back thinking he might just not come too close or just take another way, but he actually came so close I had to stop to avoid being too close or bumping into a machine behind me. The staff boy then came to me and told me: “see, that’s exactly why; because dumb asses like this just feel like wandering…”.

Some “stupid rules” and not all that dumb after all. In an ideal world, they would be, but stupid people make sure they’re here for a purpose!


~ by princeali on November 27, 2008.

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