My friend the Sheep

In this holiday season, I want to share a funny anecdote (it’s been a while).

Abody (my girlfriend’s little brother), an 8 year old boy who in previous years was too scared of the sheep bought for Eid El Kebir, was courageous enough to play with it this year. He was happy, and called it his friend, and when came time for slaughter, he started crying and yelling, saying he won’t touch his meet and was opposed to the cruel destiny that his father would inflict on his “friend”. He even swore not to eat meat anymore. My girlfriend told me that the same thing happened with her younger sister, and that in her case it took many weeks (almost months) to get over it and accept eating meat again.

Well, little Abody might have a world record here! Within 5 minutes he stopped crying, and the curious little boy watched the slaughter and even helped holding during the skinning!

This reminds me of my cousin. She had a goldfish that died when she was really young (something like 5 or 6 years old), and since she doesn’t eat fish. She can’t stand the cooking, the smell… Fresh fish I should say, because guess what: CANNED TUNA IS JUST TOO GOOD TO GIVE UP! Yes, she refuses to eat fresh fish, but she eats quite a bit of caned tuna! Go figure!


~ by princeali on December 9, 2008.

6 Responses to “My friend the Sheep”

  1. I enjoyed reading these anecdotes, thanx for sharing them, I hope u had a happy Eid 🙂

  2. Thanks. Eid in a western country, far from family and during fina exam time is not the same… Glad to see you have a strong Libyan community down there.

  3. I needed a picture of a sheep for a presentation I gave today. My boss told me that my presentation was too factual, and that I needed to add meaningless distraction pictures to it to make it more accessible. My coworkers put in IT-relevant stuff: computer images, cartoon graphics of business performance graphs, and the usual clip-art nonsense that nobody really sees.

    On page 2, I added your sheep. When giving my presentation, I said, “While adding a sheep to this slide, I asked myself, ‘Self, why are you adding a sheep to this slide??'”

    I then went on with my presentation with no answer, clarification, or further reference to the sheep.

    That made my week. I thank you.

  4. Glad I made your day 🙂
    I don’t understand how you thought about a sheep, and what kind of presentation you gave; but I’m always happy to contribute to other’s happiness!

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  6. Funny, for me untill now I havenot seen this, I know I will not stand it,

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