Nothing new in my life to share. Toronto’s weather has been changing dramatically within days (as usual should I say). Going from somewhere in the -20C last week, to a record +11C today. What has also surprised me is the amount of mist we got; I guess the temperature differential in a portuary region (huge lake Ontario down South) can explain part of it. Today when walking out of school, I saw some kind of thick mist that I thought was light rain… You could feel condensation on your skin, let’s say humidity has been unbearable today.

On another note, I’d like to share something that came to my attention a couple of weeks ago and that disturbed me. You probably have heard about this statistic saying that about 70% of people don’t wash their hand after using the washroom; to be honest I never believed it until very recently. But for some reason I have noticed that people that people who wash their hand with soap are a small minority of people I cross in the washroom! On the other side, it is rare that people just walk out without stopping at the sink, but the big majority barely rinse their hand with water, and some take the time to dry them with some paper towel… I would say 50% only rinse their hand with water and run out! Is it really too hard to put some soap, rub your hands for 10 seconds, and THEN rinse?!?! It is funny because these guys probably think that people would see them as dirty if they didn’t make the water pit stop; but to me it is not any better AT ALL! Disgusting!

~ by princeali on February 12, 2009.

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