Rotman no talent night

I haven’t socialized a lot during my time in Toronto, but I must say that from time to time I am pleasantly surprised. Last Tuesday was the “Rotman no talent night”: an occasion for MBA students to have fun and either display real talents or simply fool around.

Some performance were simply amazing, especially one guy with an amazing voice who sang in Urdu/Hindi. I didn’t expect he had this kind of talent, personally my favorite of the night. Then was a 2008 alumni who had an incredible talent for stand up comedy; it was very Rotman oriented, but I’m sure he only tried to keep his performance relevant and he could have done the same for many situation. He truly became hilarious when he impersonated our teacher to perfection! There also was a couple of my friends who performed the classic YMCA (and won the best performance of the night award), and a couple of band and guitar players who were very talented.

Finally, a special performace from a monster! A short Taiwanese guy (no more than 1m65) who is a fitness/ body building adept (master should I say). Everybody in the MBA program turns to him for work out advice, and he is extremely helpful; I should add he is probably the nicest guy I have even met. But you can’t be fooled by his personality, he is also one of the strongest guy I know, and proportionally to his size, probably one of the strongest PERIOD! Coming back to the talent night; they decided to call athletic guys on stage and do a push up contest. As soon as the guys new Dave (the Taiwanese monster) was part of the competition, they didn’t take it seriously. The MC who is a chubby girl (taller, and probably heavier than Dave) sat on his back while he was positioned for his first push up; and Dave went on and did 8 push ups! Amazing performance!

~ by princeali on February 19, 2009.

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