Once again Toronto weather comes back in my posts. It is especially cold today (-15 before windchill, which means it probably felt closer to -30), and it reminded me of a post I should have written last Friday. Last week was especially humid with quite a bit of rain, and the prospect of the coming cold weather made me anticipate a lot of ice on the street. But I had no idea the drop would be so sudden! On Friday morning I woke up to go study at the library, and since Thursday was very warm and humid, I decided to not take my big winter coat but only my rain jacket. I was right since it felt like +15 (was actually +10) and heavy humidity would have made me sweat way too much under my big winter coat. I was lucky enough to come back home for lunch, since on my way back home around noon, I noticed that it was getting windy, and dryer and could feel the temperature drop. I had lunch and went back to university with my big coat, and as soon as I went out, the freezing wind made me glad I made the first good weather estimation since I was in Toronto.

In summary, between 11am and 2pm the temperature had dropped from +10 to -10! A 20 degrees differetial in 3h! And this is without counting the windchill!

~ by princeali on March 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Now that’s DIFFERENTIAL”

  1. mmm i love sushi! im glad you enjoyed making it! im writing to u becuz i saw that your attending Rotman and i thought its a small world afterall becuz i used to work for Telfer School of managment and Rotman is our partner in crime 😛 anyhoo just thought i would drop a line…goodluck and take care 🙂

  2. Thanks for the heads up!

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