Sushi Rollin’

Only 4 weeks left in Toronto and this stupid Grad House. Instead of complaining some more (as I often do), I will share a positive experience.

Today at Grad House residence, there was a “Learn how to make Sushi” event. I had heard that it was not hard, and for trying it myself, I must say it isn’t that difficult indeed! The ones with the rice on the outside is slightly more challenging, but I managed to get some good ones. We had nice teachers (fellow residents, RA’s to be exact), and the rice was ready, but cutting the cucumbers, avocado and the rest wasn’t bad. There also was some green onions, and I must say I experimented and really liked the end result! REALLY TASTY! No need to mention what a pleasure it was to eat! For $2 grocery contribution, that was just the best event I experienced at this crappy residence. I ate 3 full rolls, and made 2 to go (hope they’ll still be good tomorrow; I heard the rice might dry out).

Coupled with the Rotman Amazing Race on Friday, it was a fun week-end after all; good memories within my last weeks ina town I haven’t enjoyed overall.


~ by princeali on April 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sushi Rollin’”

  1. not a sushi, it’s a maki
    sushi is actually much harder to make

  2. I eat Sushi every day for lunch free of charge made by a Muslim from Laos at my work, I always ask him which ones he made the last. Best Sushi to eat is made on the spot besides to have fresh fish along with it. Sushi is tastless after 2 hours in the refigerator, the rice gets hard. One note which most non Japanese make a mistake is not to soak their Sushi with too much soy sauce. You want to know a good Sushi place is to find were Japanese go to eat. To eat also great Tampura make sure they are using fresh oil but you have to know the owner well 🙂

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