Fantastic voyage?

Second (already 10 days ago), I flew back to Paris, and I had 2 funny stories while leaving Canada. First, as often my luggage were loaded (especially given the fact I took most of my stuff in case I would settle in Paris), so it was of little surprise that I was a few kg over the limit. While the woman at the counter was starting to explain that I should either take off some load, or pay some fees, I heard a young woman on the next counter saying she was lucky to be a student and be allowed to have an extra 8kg over the limit! That was some kind of luck, since it was more than enough for me, and luckily I did have my student card with me.

Then, I proceeded towards customs, and started wating in some kind of huge line up. I had done the check in roughly 1h20 before the flight departure, and when I asked when we should cross the gate; the woman at the counter replied: “1h30 before take-off”… Yes, I had to go back in time and magically get through customs instantaneously! By the way, the line was far from over behin me at the check in, I would say another 100 people were still waiting (I had arrived 2h in advance at the airport and rarely saw a line that long, I can’ t imagine what kind of mess the A380 will generate).

While I nicely turned and turned (like the last level of the snake game), I started noticing people who checked in next to me going through a priority line, and then people switching from the long line to the express one. So I asked one security guard if i could do the same, to which he answered that they must be VIP’s… He didn’t even bother checking, even when i told him that students who checked in the Economy class are no VIPs… I continued my wait; and as I was one of last person of my flight left in the long line, I asked another security guard who checked for my flight and came back saying there was no rush; they hadn’ called our flight yet. A while later, when I finally passed the metal detectors, I hear the last call for my flight “all passengers must be on board”. My reaction was not to panic; those who know me already guessed, I WAS ANGRY! Instead of rushing, I took my time, simply walking fast (but not running) ad even stopping at the WC. I made it among the last 10 passengers of a huge 747 (of over 500 passengers). My suggestion to the steward was to give feedback to the airport, because we left 15 minutes late because the stupid security guards couldn’ do their job properly, and for some reason the check-in ran super late!

~ by princeali on May 26, 2009.

One Response to “Fantastic voyage?”

  1. Bonjour,
    je suis journaliste pour une chaîne de tv française, je me rends prochainement à Tripoli pour étudier un sujet bien particulier. Pouvons nous en discuter?

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