A week in Italy (dedicated to Pietro Antonio)

A bit late, I have to share a few stories about my lively trip to Italy.

I had the pleasure to attend a friend’s wedding in Titignano (a few 100km away from Rome), which was simply amazing. The setting was breathtaking, the food was excellent (and seemed to keep coming, I won’t give details about the 8 or was it 10 course meal). I had the privilege to stay in an amazing room with stairs in the room going straight to a huge washroom, with bathtub, shower… Basically a duplex with the bathroom the size of the big bedroom (with a massive bed). No words can reflect the pleasure I had (especially seeing old friends I hadn’t seen in 10 years; LITERALLY). Great wedding, and great high school friends reunion.

Next step was a road trip by car coming back to France, by driving North of Italy. I will avoid details but 2 stories.

First, we parked the car in an overpriced parking at the entrance of Venice one of our major stops), and started walking through the city. When we figured out we wouldn’t manage to find by ourselves (Venice works with neighbourhoods rather than streets, which made it complicated) we stopped to ask direction. First, a waiter at a restaurant simply didn’t want to help us, but then we asked a man on his yellow motor boat. He barely spoke any English, but didn’t hesitate to take out hotel names and phone numbers, called them, and simply offered to take us. To avoid bad surprises, I asked how much it would be (hearing a man 5m away offering us his taxi services), and he simply refused to take any money. It was his personal boat, and he was in front of his street, and simply wanted to welcome us in Venice! HOW AMAZING WAS THAT! His name was Pietro Antonia, and I he must be one of the friendliest person in Venice (knowing that pretty much everybody there is a tourist, I have to be right).

Venice Yellow Boat

Apart from that, Venice is a Labyrinth full of tourist (I cannot emphasise it enough), nothing THAT amazing.

Second, was the fact that I ran into KOBE BRYANT! Yes, he was there with his beautiful wife and daughters, with only one body guard. Apart from the American tourists, nobody hardly recognised him. I was kindly asked to not take pictures…

We ended up with good news: “HENRI DES SE LAISSE POSSER LA MOUSTACHE!!!”


~ by princeali on August 16, 2009.

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