C’est ça la France

For those with a remote interest in French politics and social issues, I would like to share something that raises a debate in France.

All over the french media, and on the internet we are talking about  French minister (Minister of the Interior to be exact) caught saying words that can easily be qualified of racist.

In short what the conversation can be translated as follows:

Female voice –  He eats pork and drinks beer!

Mr. Hortefeux –  He does not match the prototype at all then! There is always one! When there is only one, it’s okay. It’s when there are many that problems begin.

To let you know what a beautiful democracy we live in, all Ministers (including the Prime Minister) support him completely. For his defense, the argument is that he was talking about “taking pictures…”. From the conversation, that is simply ridiculous.

To give a little background, a few weeks ago, this same Minister of the Interior suspended a chief officer (Préfet), because that officer was suspected in a racist altercation in an airport. That officer defended himself (he sure has a history of himself since he had many similar lawsuits involving racism attacks), saying that this story was all just a manipulation of the Minister who wants to appear like a defender of anti-racism. At that time, I thought this man was simply mad; but today I simply suspect that the whole circle is simply racist, and doing its best to hide it. Now the difference is that there is a video recording of the matter involving the Minister.

Last reminder, you can barely be surprised of this situation when the current president is known for saying about our beautiful country: “France, either you love it or you leave it”.

+1 FOR THE FRENCH REPUBLIC! You gotta love democracy when it proves that the French majority is simply trying to hide its underlying racist nature. Naming ministers from African descent doesn’t change anything! You need to genuinely act in a tolerant way to lead by example, that is if you actually are convinced of what you preach….

What surprises me is the very little emotion that this affair has raised, and the lack of popular reaction.

~ by princeali on September 11, 2009.

One Response to “C’est ça la France”

  1. An update to say that the French government has successfully managed to slowly make everybody forget. Even Muslim officials have said that there is no bi deal…

    And guess what, Internet is the one to blame!!! Yes you heard me, that’s the lame excuse they came up with, saying that anybody can mix videos… But don’t be fooled, the whole story cam from an UNCUT video (so no manipulation), from an official politic TV channel, during an official political event.


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