Speed OH

Yesterday myself and a couple of friends were invited by our Maltese friend at the Ericsson camp (where their staff live and work). Quite nice with a swimming pool, tennis, basketball, badminton and squash field as well as a gym. The downside is that the location is a 20 minutes drive from Tripoli. We had fun, had a BBQ… The party went a little crazy when some guys ended up throwing people in the pool at the end of the day.

I can’t help mentioning about this Romanian guy who was the only one wearing a speedo. Even in the late afternoon when we had the BBQ and everybody put on some clothes, he stayed with his speedo; my friend Marc-André and I laughed like crazy! Then the guy got reasonable and put on a T-shirt;it was even funnier because you could imagine that he was naked under since we couldn’t see the speedo (you know like girls sleeping with their boyfriend’s T-shirt).

Its probably hard to visualise, but trust me it was mad crazy and MAJ and I had a great laugh.


~ by princeali on September 9, 2006.

3 Responses to “Speed OH”

  1. Grow up.

  2. you’re obviously an idiot.

  3. You are obviously an ass hole…
    Guyz are sexy on speedos and they are so boring and turning off in shorts.
    Guyz should have balls to wear speedos.Those people who lack them can hide that in board shorts.Cheers for that Romanian guy…

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